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for your Human Capital Needs


We are passionate about people. We love to see a placement grow within organisations into senior and partner roles.

Passion is when the seed you plant in a training program is converted into ideas and plans for self and organisational improvement.
That is value transfer!


We do not do recruitment! I believe in placing talent within organisations. Individuals that come in and grow relationships by adding value and mutual benefit to themselves and the organisation.
Yes, we do temp contracts and managed services...
a testament to our talent is when our temp talents are requested as permanent placements by the end of the contract period.


We provide a range of consulting services within the Human Resources sector.

We ensure during our consultation process the organisational strategy and current plans are taken into consideration against what the legislation requirements are.


My name is Meevashnee Munilall and I have earned my stripes as an HR Manager and successfully earned the badge as an HR Executive at Corporate.

I spent my career going through all the challenges and issues that all HR professionals face, and in the spiralling economic climate that we find SA in right now, I too went through the stress of being retrenched! 


  • Problems with communicating the changes taking place in your organisation? No problem! We are able to assist and guide you through a successful change management process
  • We provide training to ensure that Managers understand the organisations policies, interpret and apply legislation correctly in running successful disciplinary hearings
  • Legislation is creating need for organisations to implement stronger controls from a labour perspective. We help organisations to improve their processes to gain healthier audits
  • Skills development, Employment Equity and how it ties into your BBBEE score card can be challenging and we aim to make it a simple mapping process for your organisation
  • Using an audit process, we provide your organisation its very own Talent and Succession Strategy to identify, develop and strategically retain your Talent
  • Struggling with poor performance within your organisation? We have a solution for that too